December HUG | HubSpot Video 

Interested in using HubSpot video but unsure of how to get started? Join us Tuesday, December 4  to learn more about this new series of features woven throughout all professional and enterprise HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hub portals. 

We'll discuss the how to get started with setting up HubSpot video, the three best principles to keep in mind when creating video and the best practices your sales team can use to create 1-to-1 videos that improve response rates. 



Date: Tuesday, December 4

Time: 3:00 - 4:30

Location: Serendipity Labs - 700 Canal Street, Stamford, CT

Cost: Free


  • Drinks and Networking -- 30 minutes
  • HubSpot product updates and announcements -- 15 minutes
  • HubSpot video training -- 45 minutes